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Amazing veg, positive impact
Fair pay for farmers
Planet-friendly packaging
Grown for flavour

As farmers ourselves, we promise a fair deal to all the small-scale growers we work with.

We lovingly grow our veg for the best flavour, not cosmetic perfection - wonky veg is welcome!

All our fruit and veg packaging is paper or home compostable, where packaging is needed at all.

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Farming sustainably is at the heart of all we do, looking after our soil, wildlife, and water sources.

Organic and beyond
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We’ve been farming organically since 1986. Our award-winning veg boxes are packed with the best of every season – all slow-grown for maximum flavour, and delivered in home compostable packaging.

Amazing veg, positive impact

Planet-friendly packaging

Once disposed of, these super sustainable materials properly biodegrade just like a plant decomposing within one year.

We'll collect our packaging from your door, to reuse (each veg box can be used up to 10 times!), recycle or compost.

To really go naked, try our Zero Packaging Veg Boxes. No plastic, no paper, not even a rubber band – just veg.

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Now’s the time to feast on an abundance of summer fruit. We’re into the British season, with strawberries and raspberries at their absolute peak. We’re also enjoying lots of varieties from our grower friends in Europe, with nectarines, plums, cherries, and more...

Summer fruits

Feast on an abundance of summer fruit. Enjoy British strawberries and raspberries at their absolute peak, and enjoy varieties from our grower friends in Europe, with nectarines, plums, cherries, and more...





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Plump and juicy, ripened to honeyed sweetness in the Mediterranean sun.

A seasonal treat worth waiting for, our British-grown strawberries are bursting with juicy summer sweetness.

Juicy, bursting with sweetness, and a subtle tang. They pack a seriously big nutritional punch.

Delicate and fragrant, with a mouth-watering blend of sharp and sweet flavours.

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