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Amazing veg, positive impact

We’ve been farming organically since 1986. Our award-winning veg boxes are packed with the best of every season – all slow-grown for maximum flavour, and delivered in home compostable packaging.

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Greener veg, with no greenwash

100% organic, always.

Sustainable sourcing

Electric delivery vans

Everything we grow, make, and sell is organic. It’s better for the planet, for wildlife, for animal welfare – and for you.

As part of our plan to reach Net Zero emissions, all our vans will be electric by 2025. In some areas, we deliver to you by bike!

We follow strict ethical rules for sourcing - from always paying fellow farmers fairly, to never using air freight or palm oil.

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Innovative packaging

Once disposed of, these super sustainable materials properly biodegrade just like a plant decomposing within one year.

We'll collect our packaging from your door, to reuse (each veg box can be used up to 10 times!), recycle or compost.

To really go naked, try our Zero Packaging Veg Boxes. No plastic, no paper, not even a rubber band – just veg.

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Savour the flavours of every season, from old favourites at their best, to little-known British veg. We choose the tastiest varieties, and grow them slowly for the very best flavour - here are some of this season's highlights…

Seasonal stars



Jersey Royal


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Grown slowly and naturally, on mineral-rich soil, for an exceptional nutty flavour and crunch.

Unique new potatoes from Jersey – very sweet and nutty, with paper-thin skin.

Delicate, tender, and bursting with spring sweetness - the flavour of asparagus just can't be beaten.

Indulge in the distinctive, tangy taste of Timperley Early rhubarb.

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